Wednesday, 31 August 2011


If you haven't seen this, watch it now its crazeeeeeey!


jane smith said...

Thus, researchers can only take the boats, christian louboutin metropolis high boots black
the sea once every two months, with the naked eye, and fishing nets and other means of original research on the jellyfish.
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approaching, early away.Three hours later, the researchers first pulled the two nets, to see the jellyfish are sporadic, it is strange, and now the fish is off stage, why not hit a fish.For the reasons more and more jellyfish, Sun Song explained that the first human overfishing, so the original object of the jellyfish feeding fish christian louboutin moulage platform ankle boots black
larvae escaped the catastrophe, a large number of adult survival and length. Yet another is to reduce the fish, and jellyfish predators of food is also less competition, which provides an opportunity for the jellyfish outbreak.

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