Friday, 21 August 2009

18th Aug.

Its been a while and it was only small... but so nice to get in the water again.


Allsorts of projects going on at the moment and and as you can imagine I'm trying to spend as much time as possible with my lil' boy, here's a taster of some work projects from the last couple of weeks...

Nike illustrations.

Forw4rd. Not online yet but quite exciting as its my first online retail project.

Identity design and site for JD Property Locating Specialists.

Tee design for In The City.

O'Neill, winter advertising.


Ok... I've always wanted to be Murdock so we've taken the plunge and bought a van... Paula won't let me get a red stripe and spoiler but I'm working on it!

My goat has been got.

Two things that have got my goat this week.

It's appalling that this test has been made public, a blatant disregard for her dignity.

Needs no explaining, ridiculous.

Rant over.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009


NURSES IN RHYTHM from Left | Right Hand on Vimeo.

Dunno where I came arcoss these guys... but I love the poppy psychedelic sound. Myspace